Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Writing Progress

This week is revision week. That is students have one week between the end of classes and final exams to study. This also means apart from office hours from ten in the morning until noon that I do not have any class related work this week. So I have instead started again seriously working on my book manuscript regarding the Russian-Germans in Kazakhstan and Central Asia. Last night I cranked out five pages double spaced and the current draft is currently up to around 46,000 words. That is 170 pages double spaced. I am aiming for a completed manuscript of around 80,000 words which seems to be the length many academic publishers now want for monographs. I still wish there was some median between the very short 8,000 word journal article and the fairly lengthy 80,000 word book. It seems to me that something between 20,000 to 50,000 words would fill a much needed gap between these two extremes.


Ulrich said...

Hi Otto,

concerning the manuscript what about publishing an abstract in http://www.ornis-press. We would really be interested.

Best, Ulrich

rhgreene said...

You might try the Treadgold Papers at UWashington or the Carl Beck Papers at Pittsburgh -- both publish Russian-related works whose length places them between a standard journal article and a monograph.

J. Otto Pohl said...


I will send you an abstract. Send me an e-mail at j.ottopohl [the at sign] gmail [dot] com with the details. Or you can send them to me at j.ottopohl [the at sign] yahoo [dot] com.