Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Again any advice on teaching very large classes?

This semester I only taught one class and I was told it was a small one by local standards. It had 85 students. Next semester I will teach two sections each of three classes. Two of the classes or four sections will probably be much, much larger than anything I have taught before. They are going to introduce a cap of 300 students per a class soon, but for me anything over 100 is simply huge. Does anybody have any advice for managing class sections this large? In particular how do you grade tests? We have to grade the final exams ourselves without TA assistance.

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Dame Eleanor Hull said...

I remember a thread on this on the Chronicle of Higher Education's fora, awhile ago. I don't teach large classes myself, so I don't recall any details, but if you go here and then into "In the classroom" and search for "large classes," I expect you can find the thread. I hope it's helpful.