Saturday, May 28, 2011

Thoughts on the end of the semester

My first semester at the University of Ghana went pretty fast. I still have exams to grade, but I should be finished before the end of next week. The British style set up of one lecture a week and one or two tests a semester for each class is a lot less work intensive for instructors than the American system. It appears that it also may be more effective in getting students to learn. They have to do the assigned reading if they want to pass the class.

It is now raining on an almost daily basis. Thankfully, I have not seen many mosquitoes come out yet. Since most students are done with their exams, a lot of them are leaving campus. Every day there seems to be a constant exodus of students for the summer break.

Since I taught a 400 level class full of final year students I will probably not see most of my former students again. They will be going on to do other things. But, I am pretty confident that they left my class with more knowledge than they had in January.

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