Monday, May 16, 2011

University Benefits

My job has some nice benefits. One of which I just discovered is free computer repair. Well it is not totally free, I have to pay for the parts. But, the university provides the labor to fix my personal lap top. Since I use the lap top for work this makes good sense, but a lot of other universities seem to be totally lacking in any sense when it comes to accomadating faculty. At any rate the fan in my lap top needs to be replaced and it is nice not to have to run all over Accra looking for a reliable and affordable repair shop.

Another nice benefit is health care. I understand a lot of people lecturing at US universities do not have health coverage provided by their employer. Certainly there was no such thing where I worked in Bishkek. The University Hospital serves Legon  and gives me free access to doctors and most lab work. The exceptions are X-rays and EKGs which cost 15 cedis ($10) each. The quality of the medical care is comparable to what I have experienced in the UK and US. That is the doctors are quite good. Today I had to go get a prescription changed. I left my house a little after ten and got back a little before one. So the total time at the hospital including all the wait time was less than two hours. I think that is pretty good for a busy Monday morning. Unfortunately, medicine is not covered and is not that cheap. There are no $4 generics like you can get at Wallmart. I paid 10 cedis ($6.50) for three weeks of pills. But, still overall the system here is a lot better than what a lot of people have in the US.

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