Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Why I Support an Academic Boycott of Israel

I notice alot of the usual suspects are jumping up and down screaming about proposed boycotts of Israel. I suspect that their arguments are all just special pleading. I don't recall any of these people protesting the boycott against South African academics. Of course Afrikaaners are a politically incorrect people and Israeli Jews are a politically correct people among the US liberal elite. Well I was never one to join the sheep mentality of the American intellectual elite. I do support an academic boycott of Israel. I am only one man in the desert, but I will not not cooperate with any Israeli academics until such time as the state meets a certain level of civilized behavior. For the record I am also boycotting Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Iran and a number of other states. But in many ways Israel is worse than South Africa. The RSA for instance never harbored Stalinist war criminals.

The state of Israel currently harbors a number of Stalinist war criminals guilty of abusing, torturing and murdering innocent men, women and children in the Baltic States and Poland. Foremost among these criminals is Solomon Morel wanted for trial in Poland. Israel has twice rejected extradition requests from Poland. They claim that the statute of limitations has run out. No other country in the world has a statute of limitations on crimes against humanity and Israel does not apply this limit to Nazi crimes against Jews. Solomon Morel ran the Swietochlowice-Zgoda camp for ethnic Germans from February to November 1945. A recorded 1,538 inmates perished at his hands due solely to their German ancestry during these months. Most of them were women and children. Another Stalinist war criminal currently being harbored by Israel is Nachman Dusanski wanted by Lithuania for the Rainai Forest massacre. Dusanski helped oversee and participated in the brutal torture and murder of 74 Lithuanian high school students on 25-26 June 1941. Like in the case of Morel, the Israeli government has refused to extradite Dusanski to stand trial for this crime against humanity. The hypocrisy of Israel's harboring of Stalinist war criminals while insisting on a right to try people like Demjanjuk is truly breath taking.

Until the State of Israel turns over Morel, Dusanski and other UB and NKVD criminals I will be boycotting all cooperation with Israelis. If they meet this first basic demand I will consider lifting my boycott. But, I will not compromise on this first issue.

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