Saturday, June 03, 2006

Made it to California

I made it to California on Thursday. It took me ten hours to get from Arivaca to Orange County of which I only spent two flying. I went through Las Vegas airport and won $1.25 on the $1.00 I played on the slot machines. So I came out $0.25 ahead on the gambling front. However, I paid out $3.00 for two bottles of water and $3.00 to check my e-mail. So I was down a grand total of $5.75. Long gone are the days when everything in Las Vegas except the wagers were free.

Here in California I am visiting relatives and eating ethnic food. Today I am going to a Hawaiian BBQ eatery with my brother. I last saw him over six years ago. I have also seen my parents, two aunts and my grandmother. I went out to a Thai place with my parents and aunts on Thursday night. I have yet to plan my excursions to Little Saigon and Little Gaza. But, OC is alot more culturally diverse than when I was last here almost a decade ago.

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