Saturday, June 24, 2006

The Big Idea is Rolling Along

It now looks like I have five presenters for my conference on migration and international borders. This is shaping up much faster than I expected. It is also shaping up much better than I expected. Among the topics that have been suggested and accepted by me are Albanian migrants in the European Union, illegal immigrants in Germany, Iranian refugees in Turkey and immigrants to post-Katrina New Orleans. This is turning out to be much easier to pull off than I ever imagined. I may be just one man with no money living in the desert, but it appears I can perform all the functions of a major university and do a better job at them. Some people should be really embarrassed.


Susan said...

Hi, thanks for visiting my blog and for the publishing info'.

I don't normally write magazine length articles but I think I'm going to have to learn. They spoke about writing such articles at the Arts Festival that I went to.

J. Otto Pohl said...

Thanks for stopping by here Susan. I hope you come back again.