Monday, October 15, 2012

Reader Survey

I am trying to carve out a few niche interests for this blog. One is Russian-Germans, particularly during the Soviet era and especially during WWII. I think I have more readers interested in this subject than any other, but I am not exactly sure. Another one is West Africa, obviously Ghana, but also neighboring and nearby countries such as Togo and Mali. I think a few people who read this blog are interested in my personal observations of Ghana, but I am not sure how much interest my more general posts on the region attract. Finally, I still have obvious interests in Central Asia, particularly Kyrgyzstan. So if you are one of the few people who reads this blog please give me some feed back on what you find interesting. Should I drop the news items about Togo and Mali and concentrate more on my exploration of Ghanaian cuisine? What should I keep and what should I drop?

1 comment:

Ronan Fitzgerald said...

I like the West Africa stuff tbh
Maybe something on the Russian mafia, interested to know the history behind them and their relationship to the Gulag