Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Another Epiphany and a Note on a Friend

This is one of those blog posts that my mother loves.  But, she is right that I should be thankful for what I have and let go of my anger. It would only take a moment to lose something that really is important to me and such things happen to other people all the time. If my daughter died or I became crippled then I would have lost something important. Everything else really pales in comparison. 

One of the few advantages to being completely unknown and ignored is that you don't attract this kind of trouble. Actually I found out about this at the same time another smaller and more personal event caused me to have the epiphany. But, it does show that name recognition is not always a good thing. Walt claims that if the FSB ever does interrogate him that he is going to implicate me as the man who first told him to study the Northwest Caucasus. The funny thing is that it is true. I really was the first person who told him he should study the region back in 2000 since nobody else did. I had no idea that the Russian government would ever target him as a public enemy as a result. 

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