Tuesday, June 05, 2007


This blog like the rest of my life is in a period of transition. I am not sure how much time and energy I will have to devote to it in the future. Right now I am mostly limiting myself to short journal type entries on my everyday life. I just do not have the extra hours and stamina to do any researched historical posts. They generally take about three hours or so to write. Some take longer. I am still not very clear about who reads this blog and what they come here to read about. But, I do know my family and friends read it to keep up on my life.


Allyn said...


I understand that you'll have a busy schedule as you ramp up your academic activities. I'll hope you'll find time to post at least periodically to share your impressions of . . . academia . . . your students' views/interests . . . and (near and dear to my heart) the activities of the German population in that part of the world.

Best Wishes

Allyn Brosz, Washington, DC

J. Otto Pohl said...


Thanks a lot for commenting. I think I will have some time to post a few of my impressions of Bishkek once I get settled. That may be a few months after I arrive, however.

There are not too many Russian-Germans left in Kyrgyzstan. Most have emigrated. But, I do hope to do some on site research regarding the group.