Sunday, November 20, 2005

"Unhip Music" and Chinese food

Yesterday, my uncle and I went to the community center to see the Green Valley Bavarian Brass Band play. They served cake and ice cream. I had the chocolate cake with flan topping. It was really good. My uncle had the strawberry cake. I noticed on the program that they were on serious Arivaca time. It was dated 19 October 2005. I think from now on we should just refer to local seasons. Right now it is bee season. A while ago it was grasshopper season. Before that it was toad season. Each season lasts about two to three weeks. This is a much easier system for people in Arivaca to use to mark time. We tend to lose track of the days used by the rest of the world.

Later for dinner I put the wok my parents got me when they were here to good use. I chopped up two left over chicken breasts, one bell pepper, added a bag of broccoli slaw, some bean sprouts and stir fried. For flavoring I combined some La Choy sweet and sour sauce with hot sauce and mixed it in with the chicken and vegetables. It was really good. Now that it is colder at night I am going to be doing more Asian cooking inside with the wok.


preeti said...

hi i got ur comment on my blog...i'll try to write about indian cooking sometime...but till then, if you need some help, u can visit
let me know what kind of indian dish you are interested in..i'll definitely try to help

J. Otto Pohl said...

Thanks for stopping by. I will go check out the website. It would be nice to have a good vindaloo recipe in the event I need to impress any of my British friends. That seems to be the signature dish for Indian cuisine in London.