Monday, November 21, 2005

Job Search

Well it looks like I will be wrapping up the job search for this year soon. Probably this week in fact. The number of job openings remotely related to my field is far fewer this year than last. Remote being defined as Middle East or Islamic World. This year there were only two positions specifically mentioning Central Asia that I could find. One of which was a post-doc. I found nothing on Soviet history. I suspect this shrinkage will continue. History is being eliminated as a subject of study. I think the past is just too embarrassing for the leftists that control the universities so they find it necessary to obliterate it.


Jonathan Dresner said...

History is not losing out to other "leftist" fields: it's losing out to capitalist job-oriented "professional training" programs. Let's try to avoid the circular firing squad problem, eh?

Chris O'Byrne said...

I hear there is a position in some town called Arivaca for a toad/locust/bee herder. Requirements: must be an OTM.