Monday, November 28, 2005

Another Reader Poll

On 11 October I took a poll of my small readership. I got 13 responses which was alot more than I expected. At anyrate I have decided that I should take another straw poll on the direction of this blog. After the first poll I resolved to maintain a balance of pieces on deported peoples in the USSR, life in Arivaca and my dismal job search. Since then I have also posted quite a bit on the history of cotton in Central Asia. In terms of comments my most popular piece was my rant on anonymous academic bloggers. Obviously I hit a nerve with some people. I have considered doing more blog posts on the history of southern Arizona, but my interest in the subject is still an amateur pursuit. At anyrate I am asking the dozen or so people who happen to read this blog post if you think the current mix of topics for blog posts should be changed. Let me know what you think. I am willing to consider all constructive criticism and suggestions.


Disillusioned kid said...

My advice? Write what interests you. That's generally what I do.

If you're really interested in what people are interested in get yourself a stats counter thingy (but make sure it isn't Webstats4u cos the bastards'll put pop-ups on your site).

Grant Jones said...


I'm most interested in your experiences in academia. You provide a window into a world closed to us outsiders.

Also, What's up in Central Asia after the collaspe of the Soviet Union. The Lamestream media never reports on events there.

J. Otto Pohl said...

DK: Anything I write will be something that interests me. But, if I would like to have an interested audience for stuff I put here.

Grant: I am not actually in academia. I have a Ph.D. from a British university. But, I have never taught anywhere.

As far as Central Asia today there are people that do it far better than me. Check out Nathan Hamm's Registan cite for instance. It is in my blogroll.

KRISTIN said...

well you know what interests me :D to see if you smile or sob sometimes, or get angry :D I like the pieces of everyday life in Arivaca. Still NOT interested in history LOL!
Would like to see some photos but I guess it will take another year or two...

J. Otto Pohl said...

Kristin: I will work on the photos. I am going to try to get some up before the end of the year. Arivaca Man has trouble with technology. There will be plenty of pieces on life in Arivaca. If only so my family can follow what Jim and I are doing.