Saturday, May 04, 2013

May Day 1945 Karaganda

The Karaganda coal mines made extensive use of forced labor, both convicted prisoners and mobilized members of the labor army, during Stalin's lifetime. On 1st May 1945, a methane explosion in mine no. 20 in the Lenin Coal Trust in Karaganda killed 85 people including 13 Russian-Germans working as part of a labor army detachment.

Source: O.A. Jakowenko and A.A. German, "Arbeitsmobilisierte Deutsche in Kasachstan", in A. German and O. Silantjewa, "...In Arbeitskolonnen fur die gesamte Zeit des Krieges." Zeitzungen und Forscher berichten uber uber die Deutschen in der Trudarmee (Moskau: IVDK-Medien, 2012), p. 272

O.A. Yakovenko and A.A. German, "Trudmobilizovannye Nemtsy v Kazakhstane, in A. German and O. Silant'eva, "...V rabochie kolonny na vse vremya voiny." Ochevidtsy i issledovateli o nemtsev v trudovoi armii (Moskva: MSNK-Press, 2012), p. 273.

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