Friday, April 05, 2013

Union Meeting

Today there was an emergency UTAG meeting regarding the strike. We are withdrawing teaching until such time as they update our whole salary to the 2013 level and pay us the arrears due to this cut in a single lump sum. Part of our salaries are still frozen at the 2011 level. The government has said it will pay the arrears in three parts during May, July, and September. But, if they do not restore our salaries to their proper level then we will constantly be amassing arrears. So that needs to be done immediately. The union has said that the three part installment plan is unacceptable and that the government needs to pay all of the arrears in a single lump sum.

BTW: Do not expect any of the poser "progressive" LEFT-wing blogs like Lawyers, Guns, and Money who falsely claim to care about labor issues and Black people to mention anything what so ever about this strike. Even though it a very large industrial action involving eight university campuses and thousands of faculty members almost all of whom are Black it won't get a single mention by any US "progressives." They do not care about the labor rights of Black people.

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