Friday, April 05, 2013

A Middle Aged Man with an Old Blog

Sometimes I think this blog has lived beyond its expiration date. After all most blogs don't live even five years and this one is approaching nine. I never had a lot of readers or comments, but recently it seems like I have a lot less than I used to have. Part of the problem is that my actual life is quite boring. I know some people in the US think I have an interesting life because I spend all my time in countries that appear strange and exotic to the average American. But, really living in a country for an extended period of time is very different from coming for a few weeks as a tourist. You don't get to see new and exotic things every day for years. So I don't have a lot of interesting observations to note anymore. Maybe both the blog and myself have entered that boring stage of middle age?


delagar said...

I'd kind of like to hear more about the strike you mentioned in the last post.

What's going to happen, exactly? Are you (the professors, the staff) not going to teach/work at all? Do the students walk out too?

mike shupp said...

220 anguADNRun some photographs. Show your school, the surrounding urban environment, some rural scenes. Toss in explanations for things that don't look like Brooklyn. Maybe quote some colleagues and some students and random other peeople. Create a window on the world for people stuck in the all-too-familiar First World.

Consider doing an occasional post at League of Ordinary Gentlemen and other blogs where you comment.

Just suggestions. You might figure it's too much like ordinary journalism. But you are in a setting seldom glimpsed by most of us common Internet denizens and it'd be a shame not to make use of the opportunity.