Friday, April 20, 2012

More very controversial things I believe

Apparently my ideas are being shared by fewer and fewer people on the Internet and among western intellectuals every day. Here are some that seem to be rejected by most of the group described above.

1. That the Soviet occupation of the Baltic states was a modern example of colonialism.

2. That from 1938 on that ethnic categories rather than class ones increasingly became the primary targets of Soviet repression under Stalin reaching a peak on 26 November 1948.

3. That the revival of the cult of Stalin in Russia is just as morally troubling as a similar revival of Hitler's cult in Germany would be.

4. That the USSR should be judged using the same standards as other countries and does not get a free pass on discrimination because they used the term natsionalnost rather than race to describe categories of people.

5. Maybe someday somebody outside of Africa will take my ideas seriously. This is more of a hope than a belief.

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The Ancient said...

More people than you seem to think would agree with 3).