Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Class sizes

I think the raw material I have to work with here is pretty good. That is the over all intelligence of the student body is quite high. On the other hand it has not been cultivated to the extent it should be before it reaches me. A better background in academic writing for instance would be helpful. Other than lack of preparation, however, my biggest complaint would be the large size of the classes. Having 115 students in a 300 level class is just too much. The only way this is likely to change is if we hire more faculty. Right now the history department is hiring. So if you have a PhD in history I encourage you to come work with us so that we can reduce the size of classes here.


Farhad said...

any political theory/philosophy faculty needed? I will be ready in a few years... :)

J. Otto Pohl said...


I have no idea about political science. I assume not. I think philosophy is hiring. We need people to teach intellectual history. I am not sure if they would consider a PhD in political theory/philosophy rather than history.