Thursday, April 28, 2011

Random Scenes from my Life

Today I turned in my final exam questions. Tomorrow I will have my final lecture of the semester before the exam. Then I will be done for the semester except for adminstering and grading the final exam.

I finally purchased an electric kettle the other day so I can make tea. I found a South African made one on sale for 21 cedis at Game in the Accra Mall. Actually I think most things at the Game store are made in South Africa. It is after all a South African chain. The kettle still had a South African plug which customer service changed to a Ghanaian plug for me free of charge.

Today for lunch I had some really good banku served with tillapia fish. I have decided I like banku a lot better than kenkey. It is a lot less dense. As always the best thing about banku or kenkey was the chili sauce they serve with it. The worst thing is that it is a sticky mess that you eat with your hand. I am still not fully on board with the Ghanaian habit of eating almost everything including soup with your hand rather than with utensils.

I have been rapidly reading all of Patricia Cornwell's novel's recently. I especially like her Kay Scarpetta series. The focus on the morgue as the site of investigation makes her novels considerably different from most other mysteries I have read.

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