Monday, April 11, 2011

American food in Legon

Saturday I found a decent burger off campus. The Chicken Inn which is I believe part of a South African based chain has a burger meal combo for 8.50 cedis. The bun on the burger is really good and they serve it with tomato, onion, and steak sauce. The meat is okay, but not fantastic. Overall it is better than McDonalds, but not nearly as good as In and Out. However, at over $5.00 it is not something I can afford to eat very often.

This morning I found a breakfest and coffee place on campus. Decent coffee is hard to find in Ghana. For 3.90 cedis or about $3.00 I got two pancakes with maple syrup, two egg sandwiches, and a giant mug of iced coffee. The egg sandwiches consisted of little omlettes made with green onions and pressed between two slices of toasted bread. It was quite good. I do not think I need to eat lunch today.

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