Monday, February 23, 2009


On Saturday I went to the circus with my girlfriend and her two kids. It was my first time going to the circus in Bishkek and I was surprised at how expensive it was. It cost 550 som ($13.50) for each ticket including the one for the five year old. The average working class salary here in Bishkek is less than 4000 som ($100) a month. Then the idiot Russian woman working at the cashier window sold us tickets with the wrong date stamped on them. They said 22 February 2009 instead of 21 February 2009. This caused a problem when she sold the same seats with the correct date to another group of people. When even the circus is corrupt and incompetent you know you have a problem. But, since the price of tickets was such that they could only sell about two thirds the seats of the tiny one ring auditorium, we managed to find some empty seats to occupy. The show itself was fairly entertaining. I liked the Russian clowns a lot. They were pretty funny.

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