Saturday, July 07, 2007

Yet another article on the Arivaca Tower

I found another article on the Arivaca Tower. Government Executive has an article on the wireless Internet frequency used by the towers. One of its features is that it blocks everybody in Arivaca from using the Internet. I myself frequently experienced this problem before I left Arivaca. It usually disrupted service four or five times a day. Sometimes at night it would interrupt Internet service for as long as seven or eight hours. Boeing claims it is working on solving this problem.


Sharon E. Herbert said...

Thanks for your comment about this article at my blog. Aside from the inconvenience to Arivacans, the article makes some good points about the inherent risks of a wireless SBInet.

Vilhelm Konnander said...

Dear Otto,

At last I get it. I have been so much wondering what that tower that you have been writing on is. It has something to do with aliens. ;) Am I right?



J. Otto Pohl said...

Yes, the stated purpose of the tower is to help stop illegal immigrants or aliens if you will from crossing into the US from Mexico. Of course filming people does not actually stop them from walking across largely unguarded borders. It merely provides a visual record of the millions of people making the journey.