Monday, July 02, 2007

Behind the Orange Curtain

I am still in Orange County California waiting for my visa. I should get it sometime next week. In the meantime I have been doing a lot of reading for the classes I will be teaching this fall. I managed to find most of what I need at the UCI library.

Last week I went with my mother to the Pageant of the Masters in Laguna Beach. Finding a parking space was almost impossible. But, the actual event was well worth seeing. The people really did look like works of art.

Yesterday, I went with my brother and sister in law to Little Gaza. I had expected it to be bigger. It is really only about half a dozen small shopping centers. Little Gaza also still has a fair number of Mexican and Chinese places mixed in among the Arabic shops and cafes. I was expecting it to be almost all Arab.

Other than that I have not done much. Orange County is not an international hot spot like Arivaca. It does, however, have a better selection of ethnic restaurants.


help said...

Yes, Arivaca is THE place to be if you have any ethnicity.

What's this Pageant of the Masters business?

We miss you!

J. Otto Pohl said...

I am rather confused by the first sentence of this comment. What does it mean?

The Pageant of the Masters is a 75 year old annual event. People pose as works of art, either sculptures or paintings. The way they do the lighting they really do look like figures painted on a flat surface.

Who is this we that misses me?

KRISTIN said...

The Pageant of the Masters sure sounds fascinating!