Monday, May 28, 2007

More on computers and the manuscript

This morning I resurrected the computer that died yesterday. I did not lose any of the manuscript for Catherine's Grandchildren and the machine seems to be working fine. At least it is for now. I then tried to download the manuscript from the other laptop on to the two disks Chris O'Byrne had given me. The first one was formatted for a Mac so did not work. The second one also did not work for some reason. To make matters worse it caused an error in my word processing program. So I had to shut down the computer and restart it. Fortunately, the computer managed to recover the manuscript and I did not lose any material. I just had to save it again to the hard drive. After that I went back to editing the manuscript on the Lazarus machine. All I have left to do is finish the bibliography. I had five foreign language sources that for some reason lacked publisher data. Using the Library of Congress catalog I have found the missing information for these sources. I will finish editing the manuscript tomorrow and send it off on Tuesday.

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