Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Angry Chickens, Scully, and Tasty Falafel

Since Saturday I have been house sitting for Chris and Sara. This entails feeding and watering friendly dogs, angry chickens and thirsty plants. In my few free moments I have been watching lots of X-Files. Chris has the first five seasons on DVD. I am currently on season two. Even after fourteen years I still never get tired of watching Scully. My uncle comes by in the evenings and I cook us up dinner here. Chris and Sara have a much better stocked kitchen than Serenity Ranch. Among the goodies they left me was a giant tub of homemade hummus. Tonight I fried up some of the hummus in olive oil and made tasty falafel. The falafel turned out to be most excellent.


Chris O'Byrne said...

Angry chickens? Those lovable, cuddly little hens? They are simply expressing their deep love for you in a very vocal and aggressive manner.

And again... THANK YOU!!!

KRISTIN said...

aww another X files fan ;) well I used to like Mulder not Scully, Scully always seems a little dull and limited, but of course, she's a woman, I don't have to like her ;))