Friday, January 25, 2013

Reports of Atrocities by Malian Army

There have now been reports that the Malian military has been engaged in mass summary executions as it advances with French and other African forces to reclaim the north from Islamists. They are allegedly targeting Tuaregs and Arabs claiming that they betrayed Mali and supported the Islamists. Earlier in Libya the US backed forces also rounded up and killed Black Africans under the pretext that they were mercenaries for the former regime. Although no irrefutable proof has yet been offered regarding these reports, I find the allegations of atrocities by the Malian military to be credible and not at all surprising. I would prefer that the reports of these killings not be true. But, I am guessing that further investigation results in these allegations being verified.

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e julius drivingstorm said...

Al Jazeera reports that 15 West African nations through the UN are sending some 4500 troops (in addition to 2000 from Chad sent unilaterally) to aid southern Mali against the Jihadists now dominating northern Mali).

The network also reports that "credible' sources report 11 executions in a northern town, but journalists are being denied entrance there.

Christiane Amanpour of ABC reports that the residents of the Malian Capitol of Bamerko (?) are relieved at the presence of the French military, with no mention of possible summary executions (which may have been unsuspected at the time of her airing).

Like you, I hope that the atrocities allegedly committed by Mali's troops turns out to be misinformation as it is indeed being denied by its government.

I would be interested in any comment you might have as far as the West African nations helping the French help the Malian government as being largely a case of the enemy of my enemy is my friend,