Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Lessons I learned this semester part I

Grading is my least favorite part of being a lecturer. I am glad it is over for a while now. By the end of tomorrow I have will completed entering all my grades for the semester. I have, however, learned a few small minor things. First, I am going to put it in my syllabi especially for my 200 and 300 level courses that no student will be allowed to make up the mid-term test without a valid medical excuse. Further more students will have to get this documentation to me within a week of the originally scheduled date of the test. Otherwise I am just going to give them automatic zeros. If I spell it out explicitly in the syllabus I should have fewer problems. I have never had any problems with my 400 level classes. But, I had a lot of funny business on missing the mid term in my 300 level class this last semester. So no make up assignments without proper medical documentation.

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Withywindle said...

Better say a medical note from someone affiliated with the university, whom you can check with. You might even chat with the relevant health office in advance.