Monday, January 02, 2012

Seeking Reading Suggestions for Nineteenth Century European History

This next semester I will be teaching European History 1789 to 1945. Does anybody have any suggestions for texts? I have one I will be using, but I need at least one more, preferably one with a nicely flowing narrative. In particular I am looking for stuff on the long nineteenth century. Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated.


LFC said...

I'm assuming that by 'the long nineteenth century' you mean 1789-1914 (or something like that).

On the latter part of that period, I might suggest the first 7 (or so) chapters of James Joll, Europe Since 1870. The last edition of this book I believe came out in the early '90s, shortly before the author's death, and is probably still in print. (The edition I own is the first one, published in 1973.)

You might also consider Michael Mann, The Sources of Social Power, v.2: The Rise of Classes and Nation-States, 1760-1914.
I have not read it but it is widely cited and it covers the long 19th century in one vol.

Someone who is up on the more recent historiography or textbks could probably give you better suggestions...

J. Otto Pohl said...

Thanks, I am going to read David Thomas, _Europe Since Napoleon_ this week to see if it is suitable. It looks like it might work. I will see if I can find the Joll and Mann in the Balme Library.