Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Another blog reader census

Okay it is time for another one of my completely unscientific attempts to see if I have any readers other than my family and the four people who sometimes comment on this blog. I am becoming very distrustful of my site meter. The numbers and countries it gives seem completely implausible to be real humans. Although they may very well be commercial bots. I know my actual audience has got to be very small. It is undoubtedly small enough that it would be possible for me to know about all of them. My suspicion is that it is one or two more people than those that I know about.


JB said...

I'm a regular reader, though I don't believe I've ever commented here before. I found your blog a while back because of your excellent work on Russian-German history (four of my great-great-grandparents were Volga German immigrants to the United States), and I've been an RSS feed subscriber ever since. I'm a Pennsylvanian studying at a seminary in Kentucky.

PaperSmyth said...

I'm just one of Eric S.'s distant cousins. I recently asked him to tell you that I was reading regularly. I'm one of those shy people when it comes to serious subjects. :-| It's very interesting content, though I am often not knowledgeable enough to comment.

That's all I feel comfortable saying on the open 'net. If you really want to know more about me, you're welcome to email me. :-) The link's in my profile.

Nina said...

One day we will actually meet face-to-face, but until then I am intrigued by what you write - especially comments on life in UG

FLG said...

Count me in.

J. Otto Pohl said...

Thanks JB, PaperSmyth, and Nina. If anybody ever wants to meet me I am easy to find. I am at the History Dept. at UG in Legon.

Alexej said...

I am an ocassional reader from Moscow, Russia.

Allyn Brosz said...


I don't lurk as often as I'd like to, but I do check in several times a month, especially looking for your writings on the Germans from Russia.

Allyn Brosz

Pub Editor said...

I am a semi-regular reader from the eastern United States. I check in maybe one a week.

By the way, I wonder if you saw this story in the Atlantic about the German community in Kyrgyzstan and other Central Asian Former Soviet Republics. Just FYI.

J. Otto Pohl said...

Pub Editor:

Yes, I saw the article. I have met with Margarita Klavdina of the Volksrat over on Akhenbaeva a couple of times.

Iran-thru-Open-Eyes said...

dec 12 2011
first time here; saw your link on Mondoweiss.
I'm of Italian parents but educated in Polish Catholic shools in US in years immediately after WWII. The nuns at the school were not very smart, the education was dreadful, but I did learn some Polish! I resented the whole situation for a long time 'til I learned that Polish elites (ie teachers, lawyers) had been killed by Germans; my teachers were poor educators because their function was to be housekeepers!
So I want to learn more about what went on among Germans-Russians-Polish.
I married into a family with Mennonite roots -- my children's grandfather = Mennonite. Intrigued by your mention of Mennonite settlements in Kyrgistan.
More than anything else, I'm an Iranophile.
Thanks for your work; I'll be back.