Sunday, September 04, 2011

A controversial observation

I have noticed that a lot of American pundits, politicians, and academics who spend a lot of time denouncing Palestinian "terrorism" which they define as any and all resistance to the Israelis are fervent supporters of the earlier terrorism of the Irgun and Stern Gang. Which further reinforces my belief that these people actually have no principles what so ever. It is purely a matter of identity politics.


Richard said...

Just as the word "awesome" has changed its meaning from inspiring dread to excellent,dude; so terrorism has ceased to be the instilling of great fear and more the slight statistical chance than one might be the victim of ill-directed low-level violence, while the real terror of those that face constant pulverisation of their neighbourhoods by high explosives, such as in Gaza, must have their state defined in another way entirely.

J. Otto Pohl said...

Richard: Thanks for commenting. Generally nobody comments on my blog. I thought this post might attract Zionist trolls. But, I am very happy that it got a well thought out and informative comment instead.