Thursday, March 03, 2011

A small list of Russian-German victims of Stalin from 1938

A lot of people have contacted me over the years trying to track down individual victims of Stalin's murderous repression. I do not have a lot of lists of names, but I have come across some. Below is a list of 15 Russian-Germans from Stalindorf raion in Dnepropetrovsk Oblast, Ukraine sentenced to death on political charges. The information comes from the summary (protocol) of a meeting of troikas for the UNKVD (Administration of the Peoples Commissariat of Internal Affairs) for Dnepropetrovsk Oblast on 25 March 1938. I have transliterated the names directly from Cyrillic so Heinrich is Genrikh, Wilhelm is Vilgelm and so forth.

1) Genrikh Ivanovich Penner

2) Genrikh Genrikhovich Penner

3) Ivan Petrovich Tissen

4) Egor Yakovlevich Funk

5) Anna Davidova Leven

6) Petr Yakovlevich Tissen

7) Kornei Borisovich Penner

8) Ivan Isaakovich Bergen

9) Ivan Borisovich Bergen

10) Vilgelm Aronovich Funk

11) Ivan Aronovich Funk

12) Genrikh Genrikhovich Pankrats

13) Ivan Davidovich Penner

14) Ekaterina Ivanova Penner

15) Anna Genrikhova Shapansky

Source: A.A. German, T.S. Ilariovonova, I.R. Pleve, Istoriia nemtsev Rossii: Khrestomatiia (Moscow: "MSNK-Press", 2005), doc. 7.5.8, pp. 227-228 reproducing V.V. Chentsov, Tragicheskie sud'by (Moscow, 1998), pp. 172-173.

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