Thursday, February 17, 2011

Some Random Observations about Ghana

Highway Vendors

Yesterday I had to go to Accra and got to see some of the city. Like most large cities traffic is congested. But, Accra has something I have not seen before. While you are stuck in traffic a myriad of vendors selling a wide variety of items including mobile phone cards, drinks, snacks, maps, books, cds, clothes and stuff I did not recognize will come up to your vehicle. I suppose if you are stuck in traffic and you run out of phone credit this would allow you to call your destination and tell them you are going to be late. It would also allow you to get some water and avoid dehydration.

Tropical Fruits

Ghana has the best pineapples and mangoes I have ever eaten. They are very sweet and juicy. Unfortunately, the oranges are not so good. They seem a little green. I wonder if they are still not ripe yet.

The US Embassy

We drove by the US Embassy. It is huge and fortress like with lots of guards and razor wire. It is much larger and looks more like a military installation than the US Embassy in Bishkek.

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