Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hazelnut Flavored M&Ms

Today I found and purchased a green bag of M&Ms at the university's snack bar. Marked on the bag was a notification that it had hazelnut flavoring. Like the orange flavored M&Ms which I have not seen in many months, I have only seen the hazelnut flavored M&Ms in Kyrgyzstan. At any rate I found the hazelnut flavored M&Ms to be very tasty.


Farhad said...

Dear Dr. Pohl,

If you do not mind, I took my Sunday to read your Blog from the year of its creation until the semester we have met. I remain to be your reader from 2007 and on.

You struggled for couple years. I am sorry you have been denied to realize your goals for such a long time. I just wanted to tell you, as your student, that You did prove them wrong concerning your teaching ability. You have set up an example of an academic who KNOWS his field. I am thankful to you that you have shared your expertise with me and my fellow students in class of Political Culture, and Borders & Migrations. I am also thankful that you have become more than an instructor to many of your students and have facilitated us to grow to our potential.

You have added invaluable academic reputation to the International and Comparative Politics department of AUCA by pushing ICP students to think broader and deeper through a unique perspective.

Thank You!!!


Milena said...

I found single serve packs of these Hazelnut M&Ms in a 7-11 in Taiwan. All I saw at first was that the package was bright green and there was Cyrillic (Russian) writing on it. I couldn't tell what the flavor was, as there was not English on the package- just Cyrillic and Arabic and while there was a Chinese sticker, the one character I couldn't read on it happened to be the character that means the flavor of the M&Ms. There was a generic nut/hazelnut shape on the front with Cyrillic lettering which I assume states the flavor but it was too generic a shape to figure it out. I bought them anyway, because the package was cool. I'd never seen a foreign M&Ms package- they're mostly imported from Australia or the US here, so all English. I looked up the mystery character at home and came up with Hazelnut. These happen to be exported from Russia. I haven't tasted them yet.