Thursday, July 24, 2008

Under Jakob's Ladder

Recently I have been doing some historical consulting on a script for a movie. The film company is actually based in NY, however, not Hollywood. The movie is called Under Jakob's Ladder and tells the story of an ethnic German from Ukraine imprisoned by the Soviet regime under Stalin. Based upon the script and the short trailer of the movie it looks really good. The Moon Brothers deserve a lot of credit for taking on this subject matter.

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Peter said...

Hello. I am actor Peter Iasillo and I play the part of Vovik, one of the detainees/prisoners in this film. Mann and Robert Munoz (aka The Moon Brothers) are doing an outstanding job of producing and directing this film. Jeff Stewart (BBC's "The Bill") as Jakob is very convincing and a joy to work. I am very grateful to the brothers for casting me and giving me the opportunity to break out of my horror movie mold.