Friday, March 07, 2008

International Women's Day

Tomorrow is International Women's Day here in Bishkek and it is a huge holiday. It is even bigger than Valentine's Day. If prices are an accurate indicator it is 1.5 times as important. A single red rose imported from Holland cost 200 som on February 14th. Last night the price was 300 som. The florists love this holiday. It is their single biggest time of the year for sales.


Rajeshree said...


Good blender of Women's Day with Business aroundd..!

Can you put light on some other business which might have a impact due to days like this..!!!

KRISTIN said...

Same here, it's the Soviet legacy...

kassandra said...

I've been looking in your window from time to time for about two years. I've picked up a few of the materials you have recommended to your students.

Your life sure has changed in that time. You teach in an extremely interesting part of the world. Your students seem to be learning well and seem to respect you. Your citations are up to 90!!!
And now you're splashing out at a hookah joint. What decadence!

One request. How about making your posts longer. I'd like to know more about Bishkek, its local politics and issues, your students, their families, their lives. Can you post pictures of your students and Bishkek, and your hookah joint?

I don't know much about Bishkek and the people that live there, and I'd like to know more.

J. Otto Pohl said...


The main reason my recent posts have been short is a lack of time. Work generally leaves me with some evenings and weekend time free. But, increasingly I have been spending this time with my girlfriend.

I have not been to the new hookah lounge yet. I am still going to the old one near my flat. I went there this afternoon. I took the girlfriend there on Monday night. She liked it a lot.