Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Other Stuff

Well I still have not heard anything on the job. I wrote an e-mail to the last person who interviewed me today asking about my status. I think they are deliberately ignoring me at this point. I wish academics were not such cowards. If they are not going to give me the job they should tell me.

I voted for the first time in Arivaca today. It was for two county bond issues. Neither of which fund anything remotely close to our community. Instead it is more pork for Tucson. I of course voted against both measures.

I made some progress this last couple of days on Catherine's Grandchildren. It is now up to 120 pages. I definitely need to do a little remedial research on the years 1917 to 1920 to finish it properly. But, other than those three years I have a pretty complete narrative of Russian-German history in the USSR from 1921 to 1987. As far as I know it is the first work on the subject in English for a general audience that makes use of the vast array of Russian and German language sources published since 1991. It also makes use of some archival research I did in Tartu Estonia.

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