Friday, April 14, 2006

I got a job interview yesterday

Yesterday I got a call from overseas to interview me for the university teaching job which recently shorlisted me. The call came unexpectedly, but I think I did okay. One thing that I thought strange was the interviewer said I was "overqualified." If I am overqualified for this job then I am definitely qualified for the 100 plus other jobs I applied for that did not interview me. In fact most did not even acknowledge me with a rejection. Instead they just ignored me. For some reason US universities don't count professional publications or British degrees. They would rather hire an ABD with no publications who was a TA at a third rate US institution provided the applicant is a Marxist and not a white male. If I get the job I will again leave the US for at least several years. If I do not get it I will refocus my job search. One thing that is evident is that my work is respected far more in foreign countries than it is in my homeland.

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