Sunday, January 29, 2006

Today in Arivaca

Today there were a multitude of events in Arivaca. Most notably the annual House Tour. But, there were about a half dozen other things going on as well. The result was a huge influx of outsiders blocking traffic. I saw plates from Massachusetts, Michigan, Wyoming, Arkansas, Indiana and Nebraska today in town. My uncle and I only attended two events. We went to the library booksale. It is hard to find a better deal than 50 cent hardbacks anywhere in the world. Then we had lunch at the community center. They served Sonora chicken with rice, fruit salad, rolls, lemonade and brownies. It was pretty good. The wind finally died down today so after eating I smoked the hookah for the first time in almost a month. Today's shisha flavor was apple.


Sara Mathewson said...

Keep posting about Arivaca. I miss it already. I really miss the community. We will return someday. I'm sure of it. You didn't want to go to the home tour? How is Jim's pain? Tell him "hi" for me ok? Take care Otto.

Frank said...

Any reason for all the events?

That lunch sounds delish!

J. Otto Pohl said...

Sara: My uncle is about the same as when you were here. No, we didn't have alot of interest in the Home Tour.

Frank: The annual Home Tour is a big tourist trap which a bunch of other smaller events revolve around.